About Nectar Personal Chef Service

My wonderful parents were the inspiration for my culinary career- growing up in a ‘foodie’ household before it was mainstream, food and wine was their passion. I didn’t know that I’d pick the profession of a being a chef, but while working in a restaurant in Denver as a server (and not a very proficient one at that) I was offered a job in the kitchen. I was hooked. I worked my way up in kitchens in the southwest, where I was living after college, and knew one day I would open my own restaurant back in Cincinnati, my hometown. I did become an acclaimed local restaurateur with my two restaurants Aioli and Nectar, and worked to promote seasonal and local sourcing before it became popular. After 16 years as a hands-on chef/owner operator, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change. I started by cooking for my restaurant clients in their homes, and after seeing the enjoyment that families and individuals experienced, and how providing delicious, healthy food made people happy, and positively affected their health, I started my personal chef business, Nectar Personal Chef Services.

As a personal chef and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, I want to help you enjoy delicious, healthy meals, relax at home, and learn how to eat to positively affect your health and wellbeing, one tasty bite at a time!