Certified Functional Nutritionist

What is functional nutrition counseling?

In today’s healthcare landscape, we are witnessing an epidemic rise in chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and auto immune diseases like Parkinsons and M.S. Through the study of epigenetics, we now know that environment and lifestyle factors, specifically one’s diet, can play an extremely important role in one’s health, and in our susceptibility to chronic disease.

As a functional nutritional counselor, I work with you to understand your current health circumstances, nutrition habits, and routines, while looking at the signs and symptoms as a branch of the root causes that are completely individual to you. This helps us to slow things down and ask why, and not what, or how. This is how we can start to work to achieve some resolution, and improve your health.

We begin with a complementary initial consultation to meet each other and discuss your concerns and nutritional health goals. After our initial consult, we’ll get together in a one-hour session to complete an intake form, a functional nutrition timeline, and additional questionnaires on diet and lifestyle factors. After I evaluate all of our data, we’ll meet again and discuss our areas of greatest concern, and work together on implementing key actions to address these. With additional one hour coaching sessions, we will track and access the recommendations, and work together to achieve your desired results.
(Complementary Initial Consultation, Intake Session, Nutritional Evaluation Session) 375.00
Additional nutritional counseling sessions 85.00 hr.

During my hectic restaurant years, I often put all my energy into cooking delicious food for our guests, and while I enjoyed this immensely, I was neglecting my own nutritional needs. After being diagnosed with IBS, and studying functional nutrition, I finally took the time to look at how my lifestyle choices, food choices, family health history were informing my health. I’ve learned the difference between eating a “healthy” diet that my body could not work with, to adopting diet and lifestyle modifications that worked specifically for me, with my personal makeup. This is the basis of personalized nutrition. There are no quick fixes, but many simple food and lifestyle modifications that I adopted, which had immediate positive effects. To this day, I continue to nourish and heal myself with the right food for me.

As a functional nutritional counselor, I’d like to help you:
-address your digestive complaints and focus on gut health as the basis of your overall health
-learn how to use food as medicine to prevent chronic disease and manage your health conditions
-learn how to eat and prepare seasonal, whole foods to support your health
-Feel nourished, energized, and confidant in your food choices

“It’s less a matter of crowning a single winning diet than of finding the winning match between a diet and an individual” – Christopher Gardner

Personalized Cooking Lessons

Do you want to learn professional chef tips and techniques in the comfort of your own kitchen? Has a recent diagnosis required that you eat differently and cook for yourself? Do you want to expand your cooking abilities so you can enjoy a better variety of meals to prepare at home?

I can help you become more confidant with preparing meals that fit your needs and lifestyle. We’ll work together to create a menu that is specific to your goals and dietary preferences, and cook the meals together. I’ll demonstrate and explain as we go along, and you’ll gain basic culinary skills, more confidence in the kitchen, and have delicious food to enjoy at home!


85.00 hour
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Pantry Makeover

Is your pantry in need of a makeover? I will come to your house and help you identify foods and ingredients that may not be serving your digestive health and overall health goals. We will learn about swaps and better ingredients to purchase which will put you on track to better nutrition and healthy eating.

85.00 hour
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“ Cooking demands attention, patience, and above all, a respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of worship, a way of giving thanks.” -Judith B. Jones