Food Love

“Julie provides healthy, delicious meals for our busy family. It feels like a treat on “Julie” nights— almost like we are sitting in one of her former restaurants but in the comfort of our own home. Her ability to customize makes her dinners even more enjoyable— she knows our likes/dislikes and sends ahead a menu for any adjustments. She has also made meals ready to freeze so we can enjoy them on our “off week”. On request Julie even prepares extra and packages meals separately for my dad! She has been cooking for us for three years now. I think we like her 🙂 “
– Lauren

“Nectar Personal Chef Services gave Bob and me a wonderful gift last night. We felt like guests at our own party! It was such an easy and fun evening for everyone, and the food was spectacular.”
– Amy Katz

“My parents and I were fortunate to learn of Julie Francis’ personal chef service from a dear family friend. She has been cooking for my parents in their home for around 3 months now. Julie provides an excellent, definitely personal service. She is pleasant and friendly to work with. When we first met with Julie, her food questionnaire and sample menus were a great way to share Mom and Dad’s food, seasoning and spice likes and dislikes. Along the way Julie has additionally been wonderfully receptive to my parents’ feedback. Clearly it is her goal to provide the most enjoyable food for them. Her meals are healthy and nutritious. We very much appreciate that she does all the food shopping for her meals, and that she chooses fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. When I have visited, I have enjoyed seeing her in action in my parents’ kitchen, and also getting to eat her beautiful and delicious meals! She leaves their kitchen space and cookware totally clean when she is done. If you are looking for fresh and tasty ‘locavorical’ food prepared just how you want it in your or your loved ones’ own home, you need look no further than Julie Francis! I highly recommend Nectar Personal Chef.”
– Alice Passer