Client Services Agreement

Thank you for selecting Nectar Personal Chef Services as your personal chef service. Our goal is providing you high quality, delicious food on an ongoing basis that fits your personal preferences and nutritional goals. Before any services are provided we have completed a consultation for the purpose of discussing your needs for dietary restrictions and food allergies. It is the responsibility of the client to keep us updated on any changes in your needs.
Nectar Personal Chef Services is a professional chef service owned and operated by Chef Julie Francis. This Client Services agreement is furnished to clients so that it is understood how our services operate and the expectations of the Client and Nectar Personal Chef Services.

We conduct our business in an organized, professional manner and spend much time and energy planning, researching, communicating, and executing our food services. We do not offer any refunds for services purchased. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us before booking your purchase.

Booking Services
Your service is booked on our calendar when 100% payment is received.

Changes/ Cancellations
We require 5 days advance notice of any change in service dates or cancellations. No refund of services is provided for cancellations without 5 days’ notice. An administrative fee of $85 will be applied for cancellations for which substantial time and effort were spent prior to the cancellation. The hourly charge will apply to telephone call, emails, texts, or research conducted in planning for the cancelled sessions.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are non -transferable and only to be used by the person listed on actual gift certificate. Gift certificates expire 3 months after date of purchase, we do not offer extensions. Once the gift certificate has expired it has no value and is unavailable for redemption.

Our Policies:
We charge based on the meal/dish package chosen starting with 6 meal/dish. These rates do not include the cost of groceries which are charged separately based on the menu.

Proposed menus will be submitted 48-72 hours before your cook day. You must confirm acceptance of the menu by email or telephone within 24 hours before the scheduled service. All menu changes, including the number of people eating, must be submitted at least 24 hours before services will be provided.

Once you accept the menu, Nectar Personal Chef Services will purchase all necessary ingredients and then prepare all the meals for you in your kitchen. Each week’s cooking session will be scheduled in advance and will most likely be on the same day of the week. Please make sure that your kitchen is clean and ready at the scheduled time, and pets and children are out of the kitchen area.

A fee for storage containers can be added to the food bill, if applicable. Please keep your containers as we will reuse them.

Payments are due 5 days prior to the service. Food reimbursement can be made the day of the service by check or cash.

A five-business day cancellation notice is required for all scheduled cooking sessions. Cancellations made within the five-business day period will incur a penalty of 100% of the quoted price plus the cost of groceries if already purchased.

Our Promise to You with our Service:
We will show up at the agreed day and time for the cooking session. Your chef will arrive in a 30-minute window discussed in the initial consultation. If there is a circumstance which requires that the day or time needs to be changed, the chef will notify you know as soon as possible.

We will disinfect the kitchen with cleaning products before and after the cooking.
We will clean and wash all kitchen equipment and areas used during cooking.
We will respect your privacy and personal property.
We will keep any personal information pertaining to your service confidential.
We will package and label your food with any needed instructions.

Nectar Personal Chef Services has very high standards for food ingredients. We inspect and transport groceries with the utmost care. However, we are not responsible for manufacturing flaws or recall of products. We will contact you immediately if a product has been contaminated or recalled so that you can discard the item.

Nectar Personal Chef Services is not responsible for normal wear and tear to kitchen equipment, cookware, flatware, or dishes. It is understood that routine use of these items produces some scratches or wear.

We promise to work with each individual client to the best of our ability, and cook from the heart for them as if they were our family!