As a personal chef, I always enjoy creating a custom menu for a luncheon, or dinner party. I like thinking about what kinds of foods would satisfy the guests, and complement the occasion. When I had the opportunity to cook for a good friend, and longtime patron, of my restaurants for his high school reunion luncheon, I knew that a menu of simple, classic, seasonal dishes was in order. My friend is a connoisseur of good food and wine, and also a great host.
We decided on appetizers of Hawaiian tuna poke, Belgian endive with Roquefort and walnuts, a whole poached salmon with sauce Verte, a roast Duck salad with apples and pine nuts, and a Spanish cheese plate with poached autumn fruits.

He has an amazing condo (and kitchen) in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood and it was a real pleasure to cook in his home, and provide the repast for a special reunion.